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"Ardent Rift"

    new works by:  MFA Students from SUNY New Paltz 
    Junmo An + Michelle Bennet + Amelia Coté + Lindsey Guile + Olivia Kovacevski
                 + Christian Little + Zahra Nazari + Maria Vonn + JK Weaver

saturday - mar 1st  5-8pm              
                                                               reg hours this month:  saturdays 12-5 or by appt.


Thanks to everyone who helped make our 2014 February a success!
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      Eric Johnson and Laura Johansen to the KMOCA team!

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          Press/website info etc: write Adam at

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                      Hey ho let's go!

april - Mau Schoettle + Craig Barber + Shanti Grumbine
mayKen Landauer + Susan Ross + Chris Victor
juneSteve Derrickson + Dennis Adams
julyLaura Moriarty + Eleanor White + Anne McDonald
augustGiselle Potter + Undine Brod + Joseph Heidecker
septemberAmy Cote + Beth Humphrey + Jenny Lee Fowler
octoberEmily Puthoff + Elena Sniezek + Martha Bone
novemberJessica Kaufman + Lisa Alt + Kate Hamilton
decemberDina White + Robert Hessler + Susan Meyer

Kingston Museum of Contemporary Arts   103 Abeel Street    Kingston NY  12401

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